10 Weeks to a Better Massage Business

Factors Affecting Your Massage Business

Don Dillon draws attention to key factors affecting massage therapist businesses, and by extension therapist incomes. Don describes the impact of economicchanges on workplace benefits plans, barriers to funding from auto insurance and worker’s compensation, the spa industry’s influence on how practitioners practice, lack of support from other health professionals and government, and people who simply have less disposable income in their pockets to spend on massage therapy. Don raises some red flags, but offers optimism for a better and more vibrant massage therapy profession.

Attract and Retain More Business

Eric Brown of Bodyworkbiz.com discusses simple, inexpensive methods to help you attract more business, and to retain more of the business you’ve worked hard to build. Replay

Eric Brown, RMT is director of one of the busiest massage sites on the web, Bodyworkbiz.com. He has taught thousands of massage therapists and bodyworkers how to attract clients/patients to build their businesses.

Money, Taxes and Agreements – An Accountant’s Perspective

Robert Magder is a tax specialist and manages the accounting for a number of massage therapists. Bob will describe some of the best deductions for massage therapists to take advantage of, what important financial markers to track, and what both clinic managers and associates should consider before signing a financial agreement. Replay

Robert Magder, is a public accountant and tax specialist, and has served hundreds of massage therapists in creating more lucrative massage businesses.

Rubs to Riches: Gain Financial Stability, Solvency and Security

Massage Therapists are hard workers – pushing and molding sinew every day to ease the stress and strain of others. But at the end of the day, is there enough to live on? Don Dillon asks the question “How do you know if you are making ends meet?” He outlines a pathway to financial freedom: stability, solvency and security. You’ll come away with information and perspective to create a brighter financial future for yourself and your family. Replay

Don Dillon, RMT is the author of Better Business Agreements and Charting Skills for Massage Therapists. He’s presented in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and New Brunswick. Over 50 of his articles have been published in industry publications including Massage Therapy Canada, Massage Therapy Today, AMTA Journal, AMTWP Connections, and various massage school and professional association newsletters.

Stop Losing Time, Energy and Money on Bad Business Agreements!

Don Dillon follows up from his book Better Business Agreements: A Guide for Massage Therapists to discuss 5 myths that may impede your ability to make a good business agreement. Don includes information not contained in the book, and emphatically argues why a poor agreement can cost $1000’s of dollars to both clinic owner and associate. Replay

Don Dillon, RMT is the author of Better Business Agreements and Charting Skills for Massage Therapists. He’s presented in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and New Brunswick. Over 50 of his articles have been published in industry publications including Massage Therapy Canada, Massage Therapy Today, AMTA Journal, AMTWP Connections, and various massage school and professional association newsletters.

Find and Keep Great Associates

Jim Smyth will outline some of the key factors involved in bringing great associates into your clinic setting. He will speak about the need to define specific requirements, followed by the necessary steps up to and including making the final offer to the candidate of choice. In addition, Jim will speak about how (and the need) to build strong working relationships with the new associate and all members of the existing team. Replay

Jim Smyth, RMT owns a large massage therapy clinic and fitness centre, contracting seven associates. He supervised student clinic at Sir Sanford Fleming College for 5 years, and was the OMTA Chapter rep in Kawartha for seven years. Jim also worked as part of the DAC assessment team in Peterborough for three years.

Masterful Marketing for Your Massage Business

Is this you? “I’m new to practice…how can I bring in more business?” Or perhaps, “I live in a larger center with a lot of competing services for stress and pain. How can I stand out?” Are you wondering, “What are some of the most effective marketing tools for massage practitioners?” If these are your questions, tune in to guests Paul Christopher and Barry Jenings in this week’s show. Replay

Barry Jenings, RMT began teaching Myofascial Release Technique in 1993, He has taught graduate and/or undergraduate training for a number of massage/bodywork schools, and has trained over 3000 Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Naturopaths, MDs and Athletic Trainers. Barry has worked in a variety of clinic settings including rehab, physiotherapy, sports and naturopathic, and is the author of Marketing for the Holistic Health Practitioner. Reach Barry at http://www.jenings.com

Paul Christopher, RMT and Marketing Coach, and presents his workshop “Marketing Massage” in Western Canada. He has presented at various Massage conventions and his articles have been published in a number of trade publications. Previous to attending massage school, Paul worked in marketing, advertising and management with Nike and Polaroid for over 18 years. Paul owns a home based-clinic in Victoria B.C. and in order to learn more about the Spa industry works at one of Canada’s leading resort spas Poets Cove. Reach Paul toll free in North America 1 866 480 4111.

Better Agreements: A Lawyer’s Perspective Lawyer

Leanne Standryk will discuss common massage business questions regarding non-competition/solicitation clauses and the implications of employee-versus-contractor status. Leanne can speak to common problems and contentious issues such as “How do I prevent an associate from taking clinic patients/clients to their new business location?” and “How can I retain my clients/patients if I decide to move/open my own clinic?” Replay

Leanne Standryk, BA, LLB is an Associate Lawyer of Lancaster, Brooks & Welch. Miss Standryk began her practice at LBW in family, civil, and labour and employment law. Currently, she specializes in labour and employment law and has experience in advising management in matters of human rights, contract negotiation, wrongful dismissal, labour relations, and workplace privacy and risk management issues.

How Your Beliefs Affect Your Wealth

Do you find yourself always struggling to make money and trying to “make ends meet”? Or, if you do make money it seems to somehow “disappear” shortly after. The reasons are not necessarily due to circumstances alone. It is caused by your unconscious belief systems regarding money and success. Bob will discuss why your financial status begins with your mindset and how to create a powerful system to attract and achieve wealth and personal abundance. Replay

Bob Mangroo is a personal potential coach and a spiritual teacher. His work has helped thousands, both in his private practice and through workshops and seminars. He has appeared on CTV news, CBC television, Life Network, as well as on CBC radio as an expert on the power of the mind. For over 12 years Bob Mangroo has researched and worked in the field of life coaching, hypnosis, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). In addition to earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada, he is also a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Ontario Hypnosis Association.

Creating Multiple Sources of Income Beyond Hands-On Work

“The purpose of this seminar is to develop new sources of income for sole practitioners and clinic owners while improving existing sources. The process you will participate in systematically identifies and explains numerous areas of financial growth that I have undertaken and developed over 15 years as a massage therapist and clinic owner.”

“The payoff for your time is that you WILL acquire the knowledge, strategies and motivation to follow through on proven financial growth strategies.” – Scott Dartnall Replay

Scott Dartnall RMT opened Wellington Wellness Clinic in 1993, which became the first privately owned multi-disciplinary clinic Accredited in Canada. Scott went on to open and operate three additional clinics, employing over 20 healthcare professionals. Scott is presently developing and implementing marketing strategies for The Family Massage Therapy Group of Companies. He is also developing internet based solutions for therapists and constructing a series of virtual seminars.

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