AMTA Free Pre-Convention Training

You Are Only One Click Away From Getting Direct Access to Some of the World’s Foremost Massage Therapy Experts – All 100% Absolutely FREE!

Massage Therapy Radio in conjunction with the American Massage Therapy Association has made it possible to listen to and pick the minds of a sampling of the more than 25 speakers at the upcoming AMTA 2007 National Convention in a series of information packed pre-convention calls.

You can listen to these radio broadcasts in real time on your computer. There’s no software to upload and no complicated sign up. Just click on the appropriate link at the broadcast time and you’ll be able to tune into the webcast on your computer. Even if you have a slow dial up connection, you’ll have no problem listening along. If you prefer, you can listen in to the interviews live by phone by calling a number we’ll provide.

Before and during each broadcast you’ll have the opportunity to ask these massage experts any questions you may have. We’ll make every attempt to get through as many questions as possible during the radio broadcast.

Click here to access the full pre-convention training schedule.

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