Better Business Agreements: A Lawyer’s Perspective

Lawyer Leanne Standryk will discuss common massage business questions regarding non-competition/solicitation clauses and the implications of employee-versus-contractor status. Leanne can speak to common problems and contentious issues such as “How do I prevent an associate from taking clinic patients/clients to their new business location?” and “How can I retain my clients/patients if I decide to move/open my own clinic?”

Leanne will also discuss some of the key features of a good business agreement, and how to improve your leverage in a negotiation.

Leanne Standryk, BA, LLB is an Associate Lawyer of Lancaster, Brooks & Welch. Miss Standryk began her practice at LBW in family, civil, and labour and employment law. Currently, she specializes in labour and employment law and has experience in advising management in matters of human rights, contract negotiation, wrongful dismissal, labour relations, and workplace privacy and risk management issues.

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