CEU Compass for RMTs

CEU Compass is an Internet search engine for massage therapists and similar practitioners looking for continuing education courses. CEU Compass makes CE listings easy to create for presenters and simple for practitioners to find.

Nadine Currie Jackson RMT, BPE, Grad Student (MSc.) has owned and sold two successful massage therapy businesses and is starting on her third. One year after graduating from massage therapy school in 1996 she opened a massage therapy clinic and had 6 fulltime massage therapists working with her. In 2001 she started the Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. She has gone on to sell both businesses but still continues her relationship with the businesses she founded by working at both facilities.

After almost two years of not running a business, Nadine had an idea. The idea came from the frustration of trying to find a massage therapy continuing education course while she vacationed in Florida. In addition, her very good friend and colleague who taught continuing education courses, had expressed the frustration of trying to get the message out to massage therapists about her courses. CEU Compass’s mission is to provide the best internet search engine for massage practitioners to find CEUs.

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