Core Curriculum on the Ball

Learn how adding an exercise ball in your into practice can offer support for your clients exercise and rehabilitation program. Cathy will share her knowledge about using the exercise ball for self-care and integrating it into your practice for client care. Cathy will help us to understand how using the ball for ourselves and our clients will add value and benefit to our practices. She will share with us how to choose the correct size of ball to gain the best benefits.

Cathy Ryan has more then twenty years experience in the Health and Fitness industry and continues to work primarily with individuals requiring treatment and exercise guidance to assist with injuries and special needs. She has maintained a treatment oriented massage therapy practice sine 1990. Her postgrad training includes: Fascial Therapy (Structural Integration, Myofascial Release and Euro Connective Tissue Massage), Sports Therapy, Rehabilitative Exercise (various modalities), Holistic Nutrition and Iyengar Yoga (currently level 3/student). In 2006 Cathy served as a Medical Team Leader and the Massage Therapy Clinical Coordinator at the LPGA CN Canadian Open.

Cathy has an extensive background as a health and fitness educator. She taught at an Ontario accredited school of Massage Therapy for 5 years and currently offers CEU sanctioned postgraduate courses (fascial therapy and stability ball exercise). Cathy has been involved with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario provincial licensing examinations since 1997 and conducts Independent Massage Therapy Evaluations for Medisys Health Group. Cathy has been a long-standing member of the OMTA. Cathy aspires to continue her private practice, teaching and writing as long as her mind, body and hands hold up. Currently the Lead Journalist for Massage Therapy Canada Magazine, Cathy welcomes your questions or comments and can be reached at:

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