Create Your Massage Website in a Week

As an industry, massage tends to be high touch and low tech. As a result, massage professionals often find themselves at the trailing end in technology and miss the incredible benefits that can be gained – for their clients, their practices and the industry.

Massage Therapy Radio host Eric Brown is hosting a five-part program to help get massage professionals up to speed with what’s going on in the world of technology.

Having a web presence is essential for any business. Today, clients expect that any serious business has one; just like you are expected to have a business card. Yet, fewer than 10% of therapists have a website. So we’re going to focus on getting you online with a professional looking website. The focus of the broadcast series is to get you to…

Create your website in a week

Eric has co-produced hundreds of successful massage websites in conjunction with expert webmaster Paul Rochford. And through a series of five daily calls, they will help you create a professional looking website ready for the world to see within a week.

Each broadcast will be relatively short (30 to 45 minutes). You will be given a specific assignment to do each of the five days. Most tasks should take no longer than a half hour to complete and can be done while you’re listening to the broadcast.

You won’t be left on your own. Eric and Paul will answer any questions you have and guide you through the creation of your site. They’ll help you overcome any obstacles you encounter as you are doing the assignments. You can email your questions (or ask over the phone if you dial into the broadcast line) and they’ll answer them immediately.

It’s surprisingly easy and after going through the five broadcasts you won’t believe you’ve put it off for so long. Click the links below to participate in the live calls or to listen to the replays.

Day 1: Getting started – Monday, May 26th, 2PM EST
Find out why you must be on the web and discover how you can have a site live online within five minutes. Don’t believe it? Follow along and not only will you have your site live by the end of the broadcast, but you’ll have completed the first page of what will become a five page website additional resources. (Replay is now available. Click the link above.)

Day 2. Building instant credibility and trust – Tuesday, May 27th, 2PM EST
Discover the two questions every visitor to your site will ask themselves and how to make sure you address them immediately so that the potential customer stays on your site. Today you’ll create the second page of your site.

Day 3. Creating a compelling “service menu” – Wednesday, May 28th, 2PM EST
In today’s broadcast, you’ll find out how to write descriptions of your services (and products) that are so engaging that your visitor is compelled to call you for an appointment. We’ll finish page three today.

Day 4. Avoiding bashful or boastful – Thursday, May 29th, 2PM EST
Most therapists understate their credentials and expertise. After all, how do you say, “I’m the best” without sounding arrogant or boastful? Discover how to communicate your expertise without turning visitors off as we complete page four of your site.

Day 5. Beyond the “brochure” – Friday, May 30th, 2PM EST
Today we tackle the creation of the “home page” to finish off your site. Now that you have a customer-generating website, we’re going to look at what additional pages and functionality you can add to your site to maximize its effectiveness. We’ll also look at how you can use your website to automate various mundane administrative tasks in your business, freeing your time up for other more important things.

At the time of the broadcast, click on the link for that show and either listen to the broadcast on your computer via streaming audio (works even on dial up connections) or call into the phone number provided. You’ll be able to send in questions before or during the broadcast via the Q&A form on the broadcast page or ask question live over the telephone if you are dialled into the broadcast.

If you can’t make the call, it’s not a problem. Replays of each broadcast will be available within minutes after the show has ended.

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