Creative Applications of Research in the Clinical Massage Environment

New clinical techniques and approaches result from combining research findings with clinical experience. In this presentation Whitney will discuss the most recent research behind our current understanding of stretching and myofascial physiology and how using the concepts from these research findings can create a unique treatment approach combining stretching and myofascial treatment techniques. He will talk about measure the effectiveness and then discuss ways this treatment approach could be modified or enhanced with future investigations.

Whitney Lowe has been a massage professional for over 20 years. Professionals and schools use Lowe’s texts, Orthopedic Assessment in Massage Therapy and Orthopedic Massage: Theory and Technique. He is a contributing author to several books and his articles appear regularly in professional journals and magazines. In 1994, he founded the Orthopedic Massage Education & Research Institute (OMERI) to provide massage therapists the advanced education they would need for treating orthopedic soft-tissue disorders. Lowe offers advanced clinical massage training via hands-on workshops, online programs, books, and in 2009, DVDs. Find out more about Whitney at

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