Massage for Elders and Those at the End of Life

Massage for Elders and Those at the End of Life: an Introduction to Compassionate Touch

Massage is finding an accepted place in care settings and represents a wave of potential growth for massage therapists. Compassionate Touch® is a therapeutic modality created specifically for our elders and the ill or dying person to enhance the quality of life. In this presentation Ann will introduce you to these special populations and the unique knowledge, skills and sensitivity needed to serve them. Ann will also touch on the knowledge of the system and how to navigate it to help you succeed in expanding your practice to long term care settings.

Ann Catlin, LMT, OTR is the director of Compassionate Touch®. For 25+ years, Ann has worked with elders, persons with disabilities and those at end of life using her skills both as a massage therapist and an occupational therapist. She is committed to empowering massage therapists, health professionals and caregivers across the nation with the knowledge, skills and sensitivity needed to provide care in the form of skilled touch for elders and the ill or dying person. Ann lives in Springfield, Missouri where she has a massage practice serving older adults in facility care and is a hospice volunteer.

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