Money Saving Decisions, Making Professional Choices

This insightful presentation will give you a head start in making some money saving decisions that still enable you to provide quality care for your clients, without resorting to substandard equipment and supplies. You can make some simple changes in your business that can save money and put more black ink into your checkbook. Are you buying wisely? Do you pay for your products in a way that will save you money and gain you perks? If not, listen in and see how making a few changes in your routine can net you some big financial results.

Angie Patrick is a Reiki Practitioner and Certified Reflexologist who has been with Massage Warehouse since 2001 involved in product development, management and sales. She is Director of Business Development for Scrip Companies and Massage Warehouse, and is a columnist for Massage Today. Ms. Patrick is also the facilitator of the philanthropic project SANCTUARY, benefitting Massage Therapy Research.

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