Four Pillars to a Successful Website

Having a web presence is essential for any business. Today, clients expect that any serious business has one; just like you are expected to have a business card. Yet, fewer than 10% of therapists have a website. So we’re going to focus on getting you online with a professional looking website. In this broadcast, Paul Rochford and Eric Brown will outline the four things you absolutely must look for when choosing a web developer. For those who like the do-it-yourself route, they will show you some great options for getting a massage website up quickly and inexpensively.

Eric Brown, RMT is the director of BodyworkBiz ( and creator of the best selling 60 Clients in 60 Days program. He writes for massage publications internationally. He appears regularly in print and broadcast media and has been featured in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Sun, Toronto Star and has appeared on local and national television. He has taught thousands of massage professionals at various Toronto-area massage colleges, as well as workshops and conferences across the country.

Paul Rochford is the lead Web developer and “Internet Marketing Expert” behind Techspertise Inc. With a background in marketing, IT, and programming, his focus is purely Web. Paul has been featured on national television, newspaper, and radio. He has spoken to small business groups around North America on what it takes to succeed online, featuring his philosophy “4 Pillars to a Successful Website”.

Paul is the brains behind the extensive functionality of sites such as and has a sincere interest in seeing people succeed on the Web and being successful in general.

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