Stop and Live

Learn to be in the present and develop your intuition. Be guided by Jane Vandrus Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer to use the talent you have within you. Also learn to use your powers of intent for finances, relationships, career and more.

Join Jane Vandrus and host Scott Dartnall every Thursday at 10pm EST. Each weeks program will begin with a positive affirmation that is listed on the current weeks broadcast page. That affirmation will set the intent for the program. Listen and contribute by submitting questions and comments. Click on the link below “This Weeks Broadcast” and on that page you will find a Q&A box.

Be well. Thank you for listening.


Thursday May 1 Week 1 Broadcast

Thursday May 8 Week 2 Broadcast

Thursday May 15 Week 3 broadcast

Thursday May 22 Week 4 broadcast

Thursday May 29 Week 5 broadcast

Thursday June 5 Week 6 broadcast

Thursday June 12 Week 7 broadcast

Thursday June 19 Week 8 broadcast

Thursday June 26 Week 9 broadcast

Thursday July 3 Week 10 broadcast

Thursday July 10 Week 11 broadcast

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