Teaching Massage To Adult Students

If you teach or want to teach massage classes, don’t miss this interview with Pamela Rose. She looks at various learning styles and how your own learning style affects the way you teach. Understand your teaching style and you’ll be able to connect with students in a more profound way and help them understand and assimilate the material on a deeper level.

Pamela Joyce is a presenter for the American Massage Therapy Association convention in Cincinnati, Ohio in September, 2007 on the topic, “Designing Significant Learning Connections for All.” In May 2007 she was a featured presenter at the Association for Complementary and Integrative Physicians of BC ‘Body Heals’ Conference. Her topic was “Designing a Model of Integrative Health Care Education: A Massage Therapy example.” She was a reviewer for the second edition of the text, The Educated Heart, Professional Boundaries for Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers, and Movement Teachers by Nina McIntosh, MSW, published in 2005. Over the past three decades, Pam has worked as an educator, presenter and counselor in a variety of settings.

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