The Rossiter System of Powerful Stretching Techniques

This is the forth of four broadcasts featuring speakers from the Florida State Massage Therapy Association Convention.

In this interview Richard will explain The Rossiter System and his upcoming workshop at the upcoming FSMTA Convention. The Rossiter System Workshop provides instruction, demonstration and active learning of 35-40 specific two-person stretching techniques that help relieve and prevent structural pain in the upper and lower body. The focus is on lengthening and elongating connective tissue from head to toe (client) through two-person stretching, active movement by the client during each technique and the use of weight/warmth from the therapists/provider’s foot rather than the more-vulnerable hands/arms to achieve the greatest amount of tissue movement in the shortest time.

Richard Rossiter is a former chronic pain sufferer and helicopter pilot who used his knowledge as a Certified Advanced Rolfer and his work with a neurosurgeon to create powerful two-person stretches that prevent and relieve chronic, structural pain. For nearly 15 years, he taught Rossiter System stretching techniques to thousands of factory workers throughout the U.S. to relieve on-the-job pain and reduce medical costs/workers’ compensation claims arising from repetitive strain and overuse injuries. Today, Rossiter is President/CEO of Rossiter & Associates, which offers workshops nationwide on how to use Rossiter System techniques to prevent and relieve pain. For more information please visit www.rossiter view it

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