Therapeutic Strategies for Surgeries, Scars, and Burns

Therapeutic Strategies for Surgeries, Scars, and Burns

Do scars change in response to fascial stretching? What happens at a cellular level when you massage a surgical scar? A burn? A bruise? Join Tom in this exciting discussion about the positive impact your treatments can have on these conditions. He will also discuss some case studies, literature searches, and review some of the findings from the First International Fascia Congress at Harvard Medical School.

Pete Whitridge has been active in the professional associations and completed a four-year term on the Florida Board of Massage Therapy, serving two years as Chairman. He received the Charles Canfield Award from the FSMTA in 2004 for Service to the Profession. He is a frequent CE presenter at state and national massage therapy and chiropractic conventions. Pete resides in Fort Pierce, Florida with his wife (and editor) Lee. Pete also teaches myofascial therapy and business skills at 5 different massage therapy schools throughout the country and internationally. He can be contacted at or view his online classes at

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