TMJ Mastery

John Corry will provide some insights into intra-oral techniques and principles in the area of TMJ dysfunction. As soft-tissue body workers we bring a unique and valuable contribution in that the mandible is suspended by soft tissue and is therefore governed by soft tissue responses to craniomandibular function. Whether TMJ dysfunction be primary, or an expression of a whole-body pattern, knowing how to effectively access the “Mandibular Sling” is a valuable part of a massage therapist’s toolbox.

John Corry RMT graduated in 1989 from Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic in Toronto, where he now sits on a Professional Advisory Committee. He has been an instructor in Treatments and Techniques at London’s massage therapy school, has presented at workshops and international fitness conferences, and has been a career-long member of the OMTA, twice being a local chapter president. Also now a Certified Personal Trainer he conducts fitness classes on the exercise ball focused on core-strength at Wholistic Body & Baby where he practices in London, Ontario. John pursues a level of excellence in innovative applications, and has begun to focus his practice toward TMJ cases, and providing instructional workshops. By networking with Speech-Language Pathologists, dentists, Prosthodontists, and by seeking speaking engagements to specific markets in London, John has built a strong word-of-mouth clientele.

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