Using an On-Line Appointment Scheduler

An on-line appointment scheduler provides 24 hour/day access to booking appointments without the need for a receptionist. Max Fandurl of describes this technology for the massage marketplace.

“After researching markets, we realized that the Spa and Massage Therapy is the fastest growing market in America and Europe. We also learned that many of these new businesses are working from home and do not have a receptionist. Their biggest problem is playing telephone tag to create and keep a solid customer base.”

“…. For someone who charges $60 per appointment, a daily missed appointment equals $300 in lost revenue per week and $15,000 in lost revenue each year.

In short-term cost of missed appointments is easier to measure then the long-term costs of customers who stop calling as the result of an inability to reach you on the first call….” – Massage Magazine (, June 2006: is the perfect solution for this market. Now a massage therapist simply leaves on his/her phone a message stating the address of the online and customers can book direct online. This maintains and grows a customer base and gives the company and their customers more time and convenience instead of playing annoying telephone tag.

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