World Massage Festival 2010

The World Massage Festival began in 2006 as a venue to honor, for the first time, the leaders of the massage industry by forming a Massage Therapy Hall of Fame. In 2007 they began offering quality continuing education for all massage therapists at the same price. Their goal is to provide the education opportunities at a price that all therapists can afford. Each Festival offers a wide variety of workshops to choose from and includes the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame ceremonies each year, along with vendors and exhibitors and social/networking activities. There are no membership requirements for attending the Festival and gaining the required education while having fun!

Mike Hinkle has a wide range of life experiences which include having spent 5 years living in his motorhome and touring the entire United States, including Alaska, visiting and writing about bed & breakfast inns and RV parks. In 2004, he became a licensed massage therapist in Florida and in 2006 launched the World Massage Festival & Massage Therapy Hall of Fame. Now he takes the Festival “on the road” each year. His mission is to offer massage therapists quality continuing education in a framework that is open to all licensed therapists, regardless of association membership or affiliation. Each year, attendance has filled up the available classroom space and continues to expand. The World Massage Festival takes place June 17-21 2010 in Berea, Kentucky and they are expecting around 1,000 therapists.

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